St. Patrick’s Day in August, Colossal Fossils and the Umbrellas are Back!

Wausau hosts its 6th annual Irish fest on August 25th, Colossal Fossils looks to captivate your minds with a fabulous dinosaur exhibit and Wausau's colorful umbrellas will be back soon.  Read the details here!  

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Blues Fest Returns to Big Bull Falls

Wisconsin's longest running Blues Fest returns to Big Bull Falls, and this year features a FREE shuttle with stops at seven local hotels and Marathon Park Campgrounds.   Also, check out Wausau's unusual new business, and upcoming promos for the Woodchucks in our latest issue of Head on Third.  Click here for more.   

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Return to World Class Kayaking, A Second Peek, & Hmong Fest!

Check out our latest issue of Heard on Third to hear about efforts to return world-class kayaking to Wausau, info on the upcoming Wisconsin Valley Fair and Hmong Fest, and a peek at a very special downtown Wausau consignment shop.   Read more....

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Concerts on the Square, Utterly Interesting exhibit & Kayaking in Wausau

  Check out the latest issue of Heard on Third for news on the return of Wausau's Summer Concert series, a fascinating new exhibit that highlights the local dairy industry evolution,and designated launches across the city for canoeing and kayaking.  

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Everything is Wausome, Summer Kickoff & Patty Noel Honored!

Our latest “Heard on Third” explains why everything is Wausome,  info on Wausau’s official summer kickoff weekend,  a special award given to a very special lady and a look at career camps for high school students at UWSP and other locations.  Check it out here!  

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Wausau’s Best for biking, pizza & more!

Wausau is named nation’s best small city for biking, Federico Uribe’s colorful collection of sculptures coming soon to Leigh Yawkey, CitySquare designer wins national award and a focus on Central Wisconsin’s favorite pizza are in this month’s issue of Heard on Third.

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Get The Word From Heard On Third!

Heard On Third  --  Check out our new blog dedicated to news about downtown Wausau events, activities and community happenings.   In this edition: read about our new space at CitySquare Office Center, new website for Third Street Lifestyle Center, the downtown Wausau Open House, Chasin Chocolate and our downtown Wausau spotlight business.  More...

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Wausau business leaders and downtown neighbors gathered at CitySquare Office Center for a ribbon cutting to mark the completion of a major interior renovation.  The newly created space within CitySquare includes a training facility, multimedia conference room, lunch area with modernized kitchen facilities, fitness center and indoor bike storage. “Thanks to Mark Craig and the Compass Properties team in Wausau, we’ve brought CitySquare Office Center to 21st Century standards,” said Tyler Noel, President of Compass Properties.  “Our tenants now have access to a variety of spaces where their employees can meet and collaborate, as well as amenities that contribute to their employees’ wellness and balanced lifestyles.” Noel said that CitySquare’s downtown location is an asset for its tenants. “Businesses across the country are relocating to urban centers,” he said.  “Much of this is driven by the need to attract and retain talent; especially young talent, who increasingly want to [...]

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Building Amenities Can Build A Company’s Brand, Help Attract and Retain Employees

Attracting and retaining employees in an increasingly tight labor market is a key challenge for employers today.  In 2018, 44% of employers will be looking to hire full-time, permanent employees and 51% plan to hire contingent workers, according to CareerBuilder’s employment forecast. But 45% of employers say they can’t find qualified people to fill their job openings, and for 58% of them, job vacancies last for three months or more. Office building owners and managers know that helping their tenants attract the talent they need with targeted, cost-effective amenities has become a vital component of their business model. Increasingly, real estate decisions are based on how well the office space and surrounding area provide the type of authentic work and living experiences that today’s workers, especially younger ones, expect. “When I’m working with a client today, it’s critical to know their business and the type of employees they have, so [...]

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